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Ola Cabs (stylised as OLΛ) is an Indian ridesharing company offering services that include vehicle for hire and food delivery. The company is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India and was developed by ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. As of October 2019, Ola was valued at about $6.5 billion A variety of venture capitalists including Softbank have large stakes in the company.Ola Cabs was founded on 3 Decem


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"Immature CEO who has failed at almost everything (Shuttle, Ola money, Play, Cafe, Food Panda, International launch, leasing business, Electric cars, Pedal, etc, etc, etc) except cabs where he was just lucky that 1) TFS went under (due to Delhi incident) and Ola became number 1 player in market 2) Lot of money flowing into the market 3) Uber entered with wrong strategy (luxury cars) Company culture is worst because CEO is completely immature. He has no people management skills. All CXOs till now have left company just after completing one year. They stayed for a year because they are paid hefty joining bonus which they have to pay back if they leave in less than 1 year His business sense is also very weak. Only way he knows is burn a lot of cash within 3 months on running a non-sustainable business."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No work life balance Too much chaos Unnecessary push to engineering teams to deliver very quickly, even when there is not much business value from what is being delivered Not much focus on engineering excellence Too much of politics at higher levels No job security, people getting fired when they least expected Being a cab company, they don't provide cabs for their employees"


"It's very very shameful that the way Ola app and the Costumer care is working these days. I think Ola people are taking there old customer for granted as mistake can be done once not twice or thrice. And Ola is only focusing on sale rather than marketing and specially when we talk about so called "safety" that to be Women Safety in Ola cabs is zero... Last night around 9:30 I board in Ola cab due to there GPRS and App malfunction driver drop me on a highway, even drive has discuss this thing with one of the customer executive, and his words were this is the place "Madam ko wahi Utar do"... I was not able to get any auto from there, anything can be happen with me.And the same thing happen with me last week. And when I complain about this issue they give me scripted apology and even now I am not able to book a cab due to the same reason... Ladies now think twice before booking Ola as they can drop you anywhere, they are basically focusing on there business..."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Poor driver treatment,no preference for drivers,it is customer based company, if u want to work in ola u must be deaf and dumb. The stress the company and customer gives u will make u loss ur 15 years life.totally both company and customer treat u like a slave.StupidUtterwaste"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Very bad work culture and the leaderhsip is lost. Random changes get done anytime with no proper deliberation. No learning happens whatsoever. Stay away from this company if you can."

driver job (Current Employee) says

"Ola is a best business for owners not for driver partners because there are no partners care taker, not giving trips but strictly collecting rental..PoorPoor"

time waster (Former Employee) says

"it's funny how they don't mention the salary in the job advert, then WASTE your time only to reveal their pathetic salary once questioned and then act surprised when you aren't happy!time waterstime wasters"

Customer Care Executive (Former Employee) says

"I will not definitely recommend this place to work. lot of call flow and lot of people would be the close to manager. the place is fun but still i will not recommend"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst company to work as driver , they suck ur blood , this company looking only benefit for them, I worked as driver for 4 years nothing earned wasted valuable time gone back for 4 years , there assurance and promise is till u buy the car, once u become driver u r finished , for example look at the drivers in traffic how dirty they look with dull faces.iam working for some small company now not as driver i am happy. I request don't buy or drive with ola or uber both are cheating company s.Worst24 hours"

Drive (Current Employee) says

"It very bad company wast of time wast of money in ola there is no service & no good vechial all vechial r repair condition when v call customer care say come to office and talk"

Customer (Former Employee) says

"I was shocked with my ride yesterday due to heavy amount charged than normal fare. I had booked one side ola and the fare was approx Rs 347 at my destination and I asked the driver if he can return then i can come with him. He didn't complete the trip and booked return without completing the trip with my mobile. I was thinking i will be charge less amount because of the same ola service i had used.but unfortunately i had charged 3 times more than the normal fare and they charged me Rs 1233. This is the horrible experienced by me. This is completely loot from the customer and the Driver was not tell the truth of that. I again shocked from ola service and will keep in my mind to ride ola services from today. Cheater.cheatercheater"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"I. Haven't been paid for the work I did for Ola 36 days ago. Do not get involved with this company. I'm owed $984 Australian dollars. I've made calls to the call centre every day, no joy. Countless emails, no response.ZeroEverything"

drivee (Former Employee) says

"totally unprofessional, ola need to go school to learn. i bought the car and tried to signup. cannot belive what they said they said my car is on the name of other driver and i told them this is my car and under my name. here then unprofessiolism starts and told that they cannot delete my car from other driver name and suggest to buy new car if want to drive for ola. called ola 17 times and tried to explain that this is my car and they dont want to listen and only giving answer that buy a new car because they cannot remove my car from other driver. hats off go you ola oh what a costumer service and working leglisation. good on yaThank you for writing in and I apologize for the inconvenience caused. We suggest that you join our Ola driver's Australia Facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/OlaAuPartners/) for information on weekly driver meet-ups in each city. Alternatively you can reach out to us at care.australia@olacabs.com Our OLA Team will be there to help you get on-board and feel free to mention "Indeed" in the subject line of your communication. We look forward to hearing from you soon and your feedback is appreciated as this helps us serving you better."

Driver/Operator (Current Employee) says

"Was told sign up will take 24 hours took 4 weeks did my first day today got 0 customer was not happy with the outcome I spent a lot of money to get into Ola will now do uber eatsNaCant find customersOla launched in Australia in 2018. We have been busy recruiting drivers and customers, as part of our City launches. Ola is now in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. So much opportunity to be part of a growing NEW business!"

Driver Partner (Former Employee) says

"They lack Management skills and really hope less in sign up and verification process, Driver app also sucks , lot of issues, Non reliable and not worth itOla Australia is busy developing our app based on feedback from our driver and customer community. We are new in the Australian market and are focused on releasing new features regularly, to maintain and exceed a great driver and customer experience. We are available 24/7, to support any queries during your verification process."

OlA leasing partener (Current Employee) says

"very bad response. they feel ola partners and drivers as beggars especially leasing ones. we are taken car by paying amount of 34000(19000 refundable)in the month of August ending. They told like if any repaid we only responsible and they had promised us like give a new swift dzire but after payment they had given old one. The car is always going work shop at final they told your car went repair(Clutch) so many times and the amount is 90000(for 3 times clutch plates). and every time they take 1 month for repait mean while we only paying driver salary. So much non sense and very poor service. Please don't take OLA LEASING friends.very badvery very bad"

Driver partner (Former Employee) says

"Does not to work again with OLA because I lost my saving working with this cab service .This company gives false hopes and cheat their driver partners.Free lancerLong hours"

Share ride driver (Former Employee) says

"Worked for Ola around two month. Not many people use ola. When you get ride you often have to drive 8-10 minutes. Sometime you might get lucky to have close rider. I often got too many riders cancel their trip. Although you get more money then Uber but you waste your time and money on petrol. Their app is not good. It had send me to rider location where rider had already canceled the trip but app still send you at the location. And had send me many times to wrong location. You won’t get any money for driving and waiting. It happened with me many times so I decided to contact ola support. They send me with their policy... waiting for customer for 5 minutes. I told them I was sent to wrong address. I think they really need to improve their app first.You get $ more then UberApp is not good. Too many cancellations, No cancellation fee"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Driver is treated like a slave in this company no support from the company no respect from the customers there are no perks for drivers for getting a good rating from the customersThere are no prosWorst company to work with"

Driver partner (Former Employee) says

"Drove for uber and didi but most jobs gets cancelled with Ola. There is no cancellation charges so you waste your time driving to the location only to receive a cancellation from rider.NothingNo cancellation charges and app is glitchy drains battery.Thanks for writing to us, we would like to inform you that you are eligible for Cancellation fees in the following situations:- If the customer cancels 5 minutes or later after you accept the ride and you were running on time for the pickup (pickup delay of not more than 3 minutes.)- You waited at the pickup location for 5 minutes or more after pressing the ‘Reached Pickup’ button.A cancellation fee of AUD 10 will be paid when you are eligible.Please feel free to write to us at care.australia@olacabs.com to help us better understand the issue. Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)"

Associate Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Typical day at Work: Iterative Abuse Learned : Business a Little Management: Disgusting Culture: Horrible Hardest part of the job: Surviving Enjoyable day at work: The Day you leave The place is made up of immature people with fancy degrees, that do not know how to be professionalNothingEverything"

Customer Service Executive (Former Employee) says

"i t was good management was fine only call was hetics environment was healthy and hepful with good team and co workers in all department"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"- A backwards work environment run by misogynistic men, who have little to no faith in their employees abilities. - Poor management with no direction."

Warrick Brown says

"Worst cab experience of my life DO NOT USE these disgraceful people. There app stop accepting payment. They said it was my fault I went to the bank it was their. the fault. There idea of customer service is to bully and bully for payment when the problem is their end... It took me a month of trying and then 1 day miraculously it worked again. They accepted my card for multiply then said it was my fault the payment would not work. then changed the story saying they don't accept my type of card I should use another card or gpay. I said ok gpay. They never sent details for me to make a gpay payment nor did they ever answer why they didn't accept my card type when they had already accepted it multiple times. The worst customer service ever. only generic answers and bullying tactics to get me to somehow magically fix their app and make payment. despicable horrible company and experiecne. DO NOT USE!!!!"

Ram Balaji says

"Because of ola I have lost 1lakh amount, don't use ola it's too wrost"

Djwar Fettah says

"Avoid at all costs. Uber is a safer bet. Drivers are able to cancel rides and still get paid with no repercussions. Their is no customer service, the number on their website doesn't work. This company looks like it's run from a shed in Birmingham. Please avoid."

Rauf Shaik says

"i work ola partner in australia . ola support team dont know how to talk with drivers.Rude team 3 months on wards they are solving my issue till now i didnt even get the proper result . when i am calling to ola support team they are lift the call and telling with in 24 hours we are going to activate your account after 24 hour same issue noting changes . very bad experience 😡"

Armugam K says

"Divers are cancelling the trip after booking, and the application is looting money as cancellation charges in the next trip. This is a big CHEATING by OLA.
Single * also can't be"

Johnathan Ashwaites says

"So... I actually worked for OlaCabs in the UK in the past - and what a shocking company to work for...
Let's get some technical nitty-gritty stuff out of the way first:
1) logging in to the olacabs website as a driver, and I'm REQUIRED to tick the box aggreeing to my number or data being used, so that I can be sent further materials or promotions or news in the future
2) there's no way to use the Ola Driver / Ola Partner app with Developer Mode enabled on your device. I had hoped that this was going to be addressed, but 18 months later and it's still forced on people to disabled developer mode.
3) once you login online, there's no way to get a printout of all your completed fares, or a yearly summary for tax purposes.

Okay - so now down to dealing with the company itself... If you've ever got a query or concerned about anything, contacting OlaCabs is pretty much useless. Their support have poor language skills, so a lot of the time don't even understand what's being asked of them. Both as a user and driver, I've had to contact OlaCabs Support several times just to get one singular issue resolved.
When I first started working for them, they were renting office space, and trying to find which office was a nightmare, because there was nobody around from OlaCabs at the office - they were all in some waiting area with no signage to communicate that.
Then I had an issue receiving my sign-up bonus, being told that the "offer had expired" essentially even though it couldn't have, as the dates depicted on their own advertisement cards to get more drivers had me doing everything correct, to the correct timescale.

When things are working properly in the driver app, it seems to be fine and apart from what I can only deem as "random cancellations" (because I've seen the same customer at the same location attempting to request a taxi later on) I've not had many issues from that sort of perspective.
But the DRIVER app needs an overhaul and development from a team that actually want to be part of this universal "competition" for being a company that provides taxi services to the public. Their USER app - for requesting rides - seems to be okay for the most part as it's been updated to be similar in end user experience to what Uber offer, but the Uber platform and everything about it is just so much better.

My honest opinion? Pay a slightly higher price that features a bit more safety, and get an Uber.

. . .
As a final note, I would like to say that I've seen people give low ratings because "the driver took the long way round". There isn't an excuse for doing that deliberately, but most of the time drivers are following their GPS or taking longer routes that avoid congestion and traffic jams.
Of course, people seem to have forgotten how to communicate, because passengers can always tell or show the driver(s) a better route. I guess the art of communication is lost these days. A lot of the time, people just want to get to where they're going - they don't want it to take excessive amounts of time or be extortionate, financially - but to make the complaint "they went the long way" when you don't say anything yourself is almost ironic."

Jodi CD says

"Took recent ride with Ola 2 days It has to be $5 plus shiwn on app for very short distance of less than 2km 3 blocks away just I have luggage with me. I complaint during the ride but the driver insisted and argrued that was my address and then shown my mobile. I assumed he realised he made wrong address on his gps with correct number street BUT wrong suburb that ended with long route charged me $26 plus. He re-routed me but not admit his mistake.I complained on support app many times but did not bother not resolved and still charged me. Had always bad experiences with drivers often. Decided, removed ola and that will be my LAST and NEVER to OLA ever!!"

Ethne Puru says

"Piece of crap charged me extra"

Abhijith Vijayakumar BA – IHTM says

"On 9th of Jan 2021 we booked ola n the fair showing to me was 1481₹ from Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport to Thane and the cab driver took 2075₹ from me n the driver driver was arguing with us like talk to our customer care or head office. The driver took us from off location from bkc n taken extra charges car number MH05 BJ 0850 . Wetried calling ola customer care office n no one was picking up the call and last one guy picked the call and he was answering like (sir what's your problem?) After that he told us wrong number. This was the worst experience ever ."

A.Peters says

"I called Ola for a 8 min ride from my local hight St to home. The cost was stated as just over £5.00. When I arrived at home half hour later I saw they attempted to charge me £27.04 claiming I took the ride from Kilburn to Dulwich!! If I hadn't had my banking app on my phone I would not have known!

Called the support to be told"sorry" and made a slight reduction on the original fare cost.

I made it clear "sorry" doesn't cut it when you place your card on an app and the company accesses your account with Fraudulent rides. Asked who regulates them and told No one.. Shocking.. I wonder how many other accounts they've raided!!

Then, to make it worse they removed the Fraudulent ride appearing on my app info in rides.. And placed the correct info so leaving no documented trace!!

They should loose their licence as its fraud!!


Vikas Thakur says

"drivers of ola bike they don't give change back. if ride cost 62 they charge 70 saying that they have no change so give them change. and ask them not to beg and do their job sincerely"

Jaya Sahani says

"Very very bad . From 45 min iam waiting it's showing the min but driver canceled the trip and he called me"

MD-Shofun Shofun says

"It's a sad case that the driver chose to take the longest detour to get me home. I had assumed that he was a nice guy because he was chatty and friendly and I didn't look at his route until I found myself in the opposite direction to where I was going."

Rhian Evans says

"Terrible service. Booked one cab which was a simple 10 minute drive down one straight road. Driver took a 10 min detour around a different area, literally passing my original pickup before starting the trip to my destination to double the price. Complained to Ola and they just said "sorry" but refused to refund money - even though it showed on their GPS he had done this. 2 days later booked a cab which I was told would be $7-9 and they charged me $42.50! Refusing to refund me. Absolute scam, I will never use this company again. Never had these issues with Uber or Didi"

Abhishek Biswal says

"Really so cheap service they are just taking so much money from drivers please don’t attach cabs in Ola better leave that service they are so cheap"

Michaela Barton says

"I tried to order an Ola, the Ola couldn’t connect or find me a driver therefore that means no Ola was found. I cancelled the cab to find they took the full amount of money £22 even though they didn’t connect me to a driver. The fair isn’t showing on rides. So hopefully I get that released."

Maria says

"If I could give it zero star would. First I was charged £7 for trip that was still loading on my phone over 10min later, the taxi wasn't even booked i tried to cancel no options. I couldn't wait so used uber instead. Same trip cheaper price and quicker to come get me. Was still late for my meeting . Thinking my money will bounce back but has not. Tried to claim it back on the app not working. No customer service to call. Will get my money back one way or another. Indian scam artist. Freaking thief's of a company. Based in India I was told. Big scam please everyone be aware, I only went to them because of getting 25% off first ride, even then the code kept saying invalid. Unreal. Real scam i don't mind the 7 quid would have paid more, but one my cab was not booked literally showed searching for over 10min then I couldn't cancel, then you take my money."

Nam Tran says

"Scam company. disgusting."

Naveed Riaz says

"I carried out a job for Ola,They charged the rider £67 and did not pay me even a single penny.
I’ve raised the issue with the concerned authorities like FCA and financial ombudsman services and will write to PCO as well.
I will take this company to the court."

Paula says

"How the hell are these people still in business????
Zero customer service. I have not one positive thing to say! Very angry customer ghrrrrr!"